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Dental care encompasses different treatments designed to preserve and protect dental health, thus maintaining optimal oral health. Routine visits to the dentist are enough to check the condition of the teeth.
If you decide to visit us regularly, our specialists here at “clinic name” can closely monitor your dental health. This allows us to detect any changes in your oral health, providing a much more appropriate treatment. It is a proactive approach as it helps decrease the chances of a dental emergency, such as a cavity or serious infection.

What general dentistry treatments are provided at our clinic?

We provide regular dental cleanings, apply fillings, dentures, root canal treatments and extraction of pieces.

Having straight teeth, apart from displaying visual beauty, offers medical benefits, ranging from improving speech and chewing to reducing unintentional biting on the inner walls of the mouth. Our specialists provide you with the best options to correct dental misalignment. Under “clinic name” you can determine if orthodontic treatment can help you achieve your appointment goals. We have several types for patients depending on their dental conditions, personal and their own preferences. The types of orthodontics that we offer are: “here put the types, eg brackets, etc…” If you want more detailed information, contact our team through our channels

Prosthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with designing and manufacturing dental prostheses. Prosthodontists take care of restoration of broken or defective teeth, replacement of missing teeth, dentures, dental implants, etc.

Damaged teeth can affect the way the mouth works, affecting chewing, speech, facial structures, and surrounding soft tissues.
The objective of this specialty is to recover the correct functionality and aesthetics of the teeth that have been altered as a result of the loss of one or more teeth.

Our specialists are capable of rebuilding from a single tooth to a complete mouth, the product of an accident or birth anomalies. We focus on making the result as natural as possible for the patien

When a tooth is lost, other teeth can begin to shift out of position and try to fill the empty space. This can cause chewing problems and even bleeding gums. That is why the dental implant is recommended.

Dental implant is a procedure to permanently replace damaged teeth. Because they are designed to fuse with the bone, they become permanent, so they look and feel just like natural teeth. That’s why you don’t need to remove the implant to clean it, unlike other procedures, such as dentures.
Being a durable option, you don’t have to think about long-term replacements. They can easily last a lifetime as they are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Our specialists will guide you through the process to verify if you are eligible for an implant.

Our staff strives to respond to all inquiries as swiftly as possible and thank you in advance for your time, patience, and interest in Lourdes’s Dentistry’s affordable professional dental services!

If you’re experiencing severe toothaches that are becoming more frequent, don’t wait any longer. It is very likely that you will need a “root canal” treatment. The chances increase if your tooth has cracked or has cavities, as it is exposed to infection.
The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth. If dental x-rays show a bacterial infection, root canal treatment is necessary.
The “root canal” treatment is a dental procedure which is based on treating the infection that is in the center of a tooth. It is a painless method that allows the saving of the mouthpiece, which might otherwise have to be completely removed. This procedure removes all the infection inside the tooth, before sealing it to protect the damaged nerves and restore the tooth.
Our specialists are trained to perform this type of procedure, using local anesthesia to make the process more comfortable for the patient.

Children should receive special treatment when they visit the dentist. Generally, the equipment that is observed there, with its sharp sounds, makes the children fear it. That is why in our clinic we recommend that every time a parent comes for a routine exam, they bring their young child. Thus the child becomes familiar with the place, the equipment, the dental chair.
So from time to time, we try to check his teeth, we explain the importance of brushing them, of not eating so many candies. The goal is to get you through this stage of life without having to intervene with unnecessary fillings or extractions.

Every child is different, so we recommend that the first appointment be six months after your child’s first baby teeth have erupted. This is usually when they are around three years old.

Lourdes's Dentistry

At Lourdes's Dentistry, our experienced professional dental staff is committed to always providing the absolute finest in customer service to educate our clients on dental service procedures and process and ensure that each and every one of our clients is treated with the personalized compassion and respect they deserve. 

General Questions

Is it important to visit the dentist regularly?

Visiting the dentist regularly helps keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Dental care is extremely important because:

Helps prevent tooth decay.
Early detection of periodontal (gum) disease, which can lead to tooth loss.
Prevents bad breath: Brushing your teeth at least three times a day will help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath.
Help keep teeth sparkling by receiving treatments to remove stains caused by food, drinks and cigarettes.

If I don't feel pain in my teeth, do I still have to see the dentist regularly?

Short answer: yes. Cavities won’t start to hurt until they’re big enough to need urgent care from a specialist. In some cases, gum disease may not cause any pain or even inflammation, yet it may be causing serious damage.
The decision to go to the dentist is a personal one, however, you should think about your health first. A regular check of 30 minutes is enough to detect any anomaly in time.

Why do I suffer from toothache?

The most likely causes of toothache are cavities, but there are others.
Receding gums or thinning tooth enamel cause tooth sensitivity.
If you experience pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods, it could be a sign of sensitive teeth.
If the pain is sharp when you bite, the cause could be a broken tooth. When the pain is throbbing and relentless, you may have an abscessed tooth or an infection.
In any of the above cases, a visit to the dentist to obtain a specialized evaluation is the best option.

Are there foods that help my teeth?

One of the best types of food for healthy teeth is cheese.
Cheese interrupts the process that leads to the creation of cavities.
Cheese also raises the PH in your mouth, which is another way to reduce your risk of cavities.
It is rich in protein and calcium, which are nutrients that strengthen tooth enamel.
Other foods that protect teeth are raw vegetables, fruit, and yogurt. Yogurt works in the same way as cheese and although the fruit is sweet, it produces a lot of saliva, which is good for the health of the teeth.
Water and milk are the best beverages for teeth because they cleanse the mouth of debris, are low in acid and sugar, and do not leave stains.

Why is it important to brush your teeth?

Brushing your teeth at least three times a day helps keep your breath fresh by removing bacteria that has built up around your teeth and in your mouth.
When you stop brushing your teeth, you risk plaque buildup, which can cause swollen and bleeding gums.
If plaque forms, it can lead to gum disease known as gingivitis.
Poor oral hygiene can increase the chances of developing a serious disease.
You should visit the dentist regularly for routine dental exams.

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